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We first started working on packaging design in 2015 and along the way, we have worked on a variety of projects with many clients from all over the world. In 2017 we started creating and selling mockups on Creative Market under the brand name Crafted Mockups which was sort of like an alpha version of what we're doing here. Crafted Mockups did well for what it was and we surely learned a lot about packaging design, product rendering & mockup creation since then.

In 2024, we launched Design Warlord to share with the world our refined expertise in packaging design and give everyone access to our exceptional mockups and templates.

For each mockup, we meticulously create a detailed replica in 3D, which we texture and render using a state-of-the-art rendering software, then we assemble many layers into a single .PSD file which you can easily edit on Adobe Photoshop® and customize to your needs. The result will be a photorealistic image that looks like a professionally taken photo of a product in a studio environment.

For packaging templates, we use the industry-standard Adobe Illustrator® to create the artwork. We have worked on many products in different industries which helped us develop a good knowledge about how packaging artworks are made. It can be challenging to figure out the layout, the content and the right size for a packaging or label, that's where we step in to offer you templates that you can use to build your packaging artworks.

(Founder's Story)

Early Years

I grew up during the 1990s and early 2000s in a remote town in the middle of a desert! We didn't have much but I was fortunate enough to have a Nintendo 64 and later on a PlayStation One to play the fifth-generation video games like the legendary Final Fantasy 7 & GoldenEye 007. Internet cafes were becoming a thing and I was frequenting them quite often, I remember the days of Windows 98, 56K Internet speed and 1.44MB floppy disks.

Academic and artistic background

During my high school years, I developed drawing skills as well as a fascination with 3D games and computer programming. I wanted to go for an art degree but to my dismay, I was confronted with the cliché line "Artists end up starving most of their lives", so I ended up forced to pursue an engineering career.

I obtained a bachelor degree in applied mathematics & computer science (Faculty of Sciences & Technologies, Marrakesh, MA), then I enrolled in a Master of computer science applied to business management, though my passion with graphics didn't die out: During my university years and in parallel with studying for my majors (which were mostly about math & coding), I was self-learning 3D design as well as general graphic design.

my 2010s

I spent my 2010s like most millennials out there, we graduated and entered the workforce after the great recession of 2008, it was a difficult time. I tried working for a company but that wasn't my cup of tea, then I became a 3D design teacher in local design schools but that also didn't last because I found myself preferring to work online from home. In my early professional career, I was freelancing in full-stack web/app development AND 3D/packaging design. As the years went by, I had to choose one of those fields and drop the other to avoid the "Jack of all trades, master of none" situation, so I dropped coding to focus on 3D/packaging design.

2020 Crossroad

By 2020, I had accumulated 5 years of experience in the packaging design field and it coincided with a "Now, what's next?" crossroads moment of my life, especially with all the craziness and uncertainty that occurred in 2020 due the Covid-19 pandemic & the lockdowns that followed, I found myself pondering: "Now what's next?"

I looked back at all the projects I've done and the mockups I created so far, I attempted to see them from the viewpoint of potential clients/customers and compared them to what other designers were offering. After a thorough evaluation, I concluded that while my work was satisfactory, there was definitely room for improvement. So, I decided to double down and begun working on a major version 2.0 upgrade.

2024 & Beyond

After almost 4 years of re-inventing my design processes, Design Warlord was born. The high quality of the products/services this brand offers came to be after many years of hardship and a slow grind towards perfecting my craft which is the embodiment of my passion rather than just something I do for living. I believe that by following my passion, I can add value to the market by helping other designers and businesses with their journey in creating better and meaningful products that in their own turn add value to the market and make the world a better place.


2% Of All Profits Are Donated To The International Bipolar Foundation.

Before creating Design Warlord website, I used and still use Digital Online Marketplaces such as Creative Market and Envato Elements to sell my products. I'm happy to sell on those platforms and give them a slice of the sales, but I thought that if I manage to sell my products directly through my own website where I cut the marketplaces, it is only fair to donate a percentage of the profits to support a cause that I believe in. I'm personally living with bipolar disorder and during a past manic episode I discovered The International Bipolar Foundation website which helped me a lot by providing valuable information that made me understand that I was not alone. Years later, after I figured out my condition and learned how to manage it, I thought that it would be a good idea to donate a percentage of the profits to this foundation to contribute towards spreading awareness and providing help for other people who are living with bipolar disorder. ~Adam